Is watercolor painting difficult?

Is watercolor painting difficult?

Have you ever had those thoughts? Well, pretty much everyone who tried watercolor had. And it’s Ok. I mean, is there anyone who has tried to learn to ride a bicycle without falling at least once? I will try to help you get back up and keep going through your watercolor journey because watercolor is amazing and worth the ride!

Say hello to our watercolor blog: Watercolor Travelers!

Say hello to our watercolor blog: Watercolor Travelers!

Yana and I were focusing on launching our watercolor community based course aka membership site, for almost a year now and didn’t get the time to start our blog about watercolor and traveling, which we do full time, I mean the traveling part :).

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Yana & Lesly

Yana and Lesly are both passionate about art in many different forms. Yana is a professional watercolor artist and Lesly is a skilled graphic designer and a digital artist. Together they are full time travelers and founders of Learn Watercolors Academy.

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